Far Cry 4: Redux mod is now available for download, brings multiple gameplay improvements & changes

BigTinz has released a new overhaul mod for Far Cry 4. Far Cry 4: Redux is a mod that focuses on immersion, and aims to improve the gameplay mechanics of this FC game.

According to the modder, this Redux version of Far Cry 4 allows players to manually reload. It also disables Lens Flares, and allows you to holster your weapons.

Players can now jump higher and walk slower. Players also do not automatically draw their weapons after swimming or after leaving a building.

All weapons are unlocked from the start, though they must be purchased. Towers also remove the fog of war, but do not give free weapons. Not only that, but the full map is open from the start.

The mod removes most UI elements not covered by the options menu, including mine and c4 indicators, and the crouch icon.

Furthermore, there are now more attachments for weapons. There is also a higher weapon FOV for all weapons. Speaking of weapons, the “87” is now a standard sidearm, and its reflex sight has been removed. On the other hand, the D2 features wood furniture by default, and has two shots. Not only that, but the mod also increases the range of some weapons, as well as headshot damage.

Last but not least, most inputs are now “press” instead of “hold”.

You can download Far Cry 4: Redux from here.

Have fun!