Far Cry 3 – New Features & Changes Revealed

Far Cry 3 v3
Ubisoft’s community manager ‘ MSV-Vextor’ has unveiled some new features and changes that will be coming shortly in Far Cry 3. According to the community manager, the game’s fanbase has requested some new functionalities and have suggested improvements to already existing features.
For the single player mode, a new difficulty setting (Master) will be added and players will have the ability to reset Outposts. After conquering all the outposts and completing the game, the player can reset the outposts by selecting “Reset Outposts” in the gameplay options menu. Doing this will reset and make all Outposts hostile again. This also means that all incomplete side missions and quests will become hidden and in order to finish the incomplete side missions, players will have to retake the outposts again.
As for the Multiplayer mode, Ubisoft will enhance and expand the feedback system on user-created maps in order to give more information to the map makers. Moreover, a new and more intuitive feedback interface will be added, as well as “feedback tags”.
In addition, Ubisoft will add a new beta map testing and spectating for map makers, the ability find other maps by the same author, will be removing idle kick time in custom matches and will be tweaking the “Skip Map” voting system.
No release date has been given for this update, and we don’t know whether or not it will be exclusive to a specific platform for a limited amount of time.
Stay tuned for more!