Fans recreate Sonic X-Treme, the cancelled Saturn game

Back in the 32bit days, Sonic X-Treme was meant to drive Saturn sales to new heights. Unfortunately, SEGA decided to cancel the game as it was not up to the Sonic standards. That didn’t seem enough though, as fans decided to recreate this cancelled Saturn game on the PC. So, Sonic fans, meet Project AXSX. Developed by Andrew75, Project AXSX promises to be the true Sonic X-Treme andĀ its public beta isĀ available for download.
Those interested can download it from here.
Project AXSX looks cool, but lacks pretty much everything that made Sonic famous. There is no speed and feels kind of weird. Still, it’s a lot of fun and back in the days, this could very well be one hell of a game. Kudos to Andrew75 for sticking with it – despite some ‘spicy’ comments by some people – and finishing it.
Enjoy the following video which comes with some gameplay footage from it!