Dino Crisis classic wallpaper

Fans are working on a Dino Crisis Remake in Unreal Engine 4 and here is the first footage from it

Dino Crisis fans, here is something special for you today. Team Arklay is currently working on a fan remake of the first Dino Crisis game in Unreal Engine 4. As with all such fan remakes, this Dino Crisis Remake will be made available for free once – and if – it ever reaches a playable state.

Team Arklay has released the first alpha gameplay footage from it, showcasing some of the game’s environments in Unreal Engine 4. These environments have been re-designed in order to take advantage of Epic’s engine and look absolutely stunning (for a fan project that is).

Now I don’t know whether the team will remake the game’s characters and all the dinosaurs that were featured in it. The team has not revealed any additional details yet so it may only recreate the game’s environments in Unreal Engine 4. I also don’t know whether this project will ever get finished if the team aims to offer a proper remake (with gameplay mechanics, human characters to interact and dinosaurs to fight).

Still, and since Capcom has not expressed any interest to remake the first Dino Crisis game, I find this project quite interesting. The first in-game footage looks sweet so hopefully the team will be able to deliver something really cool.

Here is hoping that Capcom will not shut down this fan project!