Fallout: Vault-Tec Multiplayer Mod Introduces Multiplayer Capabilities To Fallout 3/New Vegas

Fallout fans, this mod is for you. Have you ever wondered what a Fallout Online game would look like? Well, time to get a taste of such a game as the Vault-Tec Multiplayer Mod introduces Multiplayer capabilities to Bethesda’s award-winning role-playing games Fallout 3 / Fallout: New Vegas.
The team behind this mod has released a new, major update to this mod in which vaultmp no longer uses savegames synchronization of weapons, introduces synchronization of health and death, as well as respawning synchronization of item environment, a revamped and extended scripting interface for the chat GUI (use T for chat in-game).
Those interested can download this version from here. Keep in mind those that this mod is still in pre-alpha phase, so there will definitely be bugs and issues with it.
Here is the changelog:
Major changes in this release:
•vaultmp no longer uses savegames
•synchronization of weapons
•synchronization of health and death, respawning
•synchronization of item environment
•chat GUI (use T for chat in-game)
•revamped and extended scripting interface
Known bugs in this release:
•desync of alert state when the player is moving. You have to switch state while you are standing still for it to properly sync
•vaultmp may (rather rare) crash after a player leaves the server, or after you close the game (the cause is known and I’m working on it)
•weapon aiming / firing may be inaccurate if not in ironsight mode