Fallout 4 – New Texture Packs Released, Aiming To Overhaul The Game’s Visuals

There is no doubt that the vanilla textures of Fallout 4 look blurry and really low-res. Thankfully, modders are currently trying to address this graphical let-down and today we present you two Texture packs.

The first Texture pack comes from modder ‘DUST2DEATH’. DUST2DEATH is releasing his Texture Pack in modules and you can download the first two modules from here.

DUST2DEATH has changes some textures, and is offering a 4K version of his Texture Pack for those with enough VRAM to spare.

Below you can find some comparison screenshots between the vanilla and the modded version of Fallout 4 with DUST2DEATH’s textures.

The second Texture pack comes from modder ‘koojinn’. Koojinn spent 23 hours straight and enhanced 5,550+ files from Fallout 4. Koojinn basically added sharpness and contrast to the game’s individual texture files, making them look better while also retaining their original art style.

Those interested can download koojinn’s Texture pack from here.

Below you can find two comparison screenshots between the vanilla and koojinn’s textures.