Fail to the king baby; Interstellar Marines fails to reach its Kickstarter goal, new videos released

Man, I really wished Interstellar Marines would get funded. Guess PC gamers do not believe in it, as there are 37 hours to go and its campaign needs to raise $600K (it’s currently at $150K). Oh well. In a last-minute effort to seize the world’s attention, the 2-man team at Zero Point Software have created a video that suggests, that the adventure of Interstellar Marines might just be over.
Moreover, in a recent video update, Zero Point Software announced that they’ve been fortunate enough to get Terri Brosius (voice of SHODAN in the System Shock series) on board, acting as the voice of SARA, the all-encompassing AI character of Interstellar Marines.
What also saddens me is the fact that Sui Generis might not get funded, and may share Interstellar Marines’ fate. Ironic, as Sui Generis looks incredible and features procedural animations. But then again, PC gamers may not be interested in new ideas.
Enjoy the new Interstellar Marines videos below!
Motion Detection Experiment #27

Prologue Explained