F2P Pockie Ninja gets its first major Update – Open Beta: Revenge of Aizen is now available

NGames announced today the first major update for their Naruto/Bleach-inspired browser based MMO, Pockie Ninja. The update, titled “Revenge of Aizen”, introduces new characters, outfits, pets and a host of new features to the game. Players will be treated to new characters, powerful outfits and items, new ways to interact with in-game pets, a brand new achievement system, and more.
Jiraiya (aka, Toad Sage), a celebrated Sannin from the Naruto series; and Unohana Retsu, a captain of the Fourth Division from the Bleach series; have both experienced pocket-sized transformations for Pockie Ninja’s Open Beta Version update.
Both characters will be a welcome addition to the world of Pockie Ninja, each possessing an impressive past from their respective anime series’.
Pockie Ninja’s innovative outfit system, which allows players to freely change their class (or ‘School of Ninja’) during play, is also set for an update. NGames revealed that Open Beta Version will add Outfit Lists to the game, giving players greater power and bonuses to play with.
When Open Beta Version launches, level 9 pets will obtain their first inherited power from their ancestors, evolving from infancy to a powerful adult form. But, the adult form cannot fully contain the pet’s ultimate power, so they will transform again at level 18, turning into an superlative form to break the limit and unlock their true potential.
Those interested can sign up and play Pockie Ninja for free now.