F1 2018 screenshots

F1 2018 receives official DX12 support, DX12 beta build available for download

Now here is a pleasant surprise. Codemasters has released a DX12 beta build for F1 2018. According to the developers, this new DX12 version changes the way some parts of the game engine work, and particularly the graphics code.

PC gamers can go ahead and download the beta build for F1 2018 DX12 from Steam. Now since this is still a beta, there are some bugs/issues that have not been resolved yet. Codemasters claimed that while some high-end/hi-res setups may be faster with the DX12 version, other configurations may be slower.

We’ll be sure to test this DX12 beta build soon so stay tuned for a comparison article between DX11 and DX12. This will be especially interesting for our AMD GPUs as there was a pretty big DX11 driver overhead that caused the Radeon RX Vega 64 to under-perform in our test system.

Those interested can access the DX12 branch by following this guide.

  • Open up Steam library and “Right Click” on F1 2018
  • Select Properties
  • Select the “BETAS” tab
  • Enter the Branch Password into the box (Branch Password: 244EwzNFQkfnqf4Xc6GTmgsPtT6LAbYn)
  • Press the “CHECK CODE” button
  • Select Branch Name from the drop down box
  • Close the properties window
  • Click the “INSTALL” button in the Steam Client
  • Once the game has been downloaded the button will now display as “PLAY”
  • Click “PLAY” to launch the game

Kudos to our reader Tom for informing us!