Evolve – Latest Update Adds Arena Mode For Free

Turtle Rock Studios has released a new update for Evolve that adds a new game mode called Arena Mode. This mode pits monster and hunters into close quarters combat in a best of three match. Turtle Rock Studios has also released a new video showcasing this brand new mode that can be viewed below.

As the team noted, here is how this new mode works:

· The new Arena Mode places five fixed domes on each of the 14 maps in Evolve. For those not up on your math, that’s 70 locked-down venues, ready for brawling.

· At the start, you select a map, then you’re in for a best-of-three series of hardcore firefights. The Monster and Hunters are locked in that dome until one side is eliminated. After that match, you immediately jump to another dome on the same map for round two – that continues until there’s a victor.

All the Hunters and Monster begin each match with one perk.
· Monsters start at Stage 2 with 50 percent armor, but can feed on wildlife in battle to regain armor and even evolve to Stage 3. (Though the size of the mobile arena makes this a tough task.)

· The dome isn’t coming down. So, for all you Trappers out there, your job got a little easier.

· There is no dropship timer. Once a Hunter dies in battle, they have to sit it out until the next fight.

· Players can’t change their character or perk selection between rounds, but Monster players can change their abilities.


Evolve — Arena Mode Gameplay Reveal [ESRB]