Even though the demo for Final Fantasy XV did not use Denuvo, the final version will use it

Square Enix has just updated the official Steam store page for Final Fantasy XV, informing everyone that the game will be using the Denuvo anti-tamper tech. This comes as a surprise as the demo version of Final Fantasy XV did not use it. We don’t know whether this is a last-minute change or not, however, it’s official now that the game will be using it.

Contrary to Bandai Namco that did not list Denuvo on Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet’s Steam store page, Square Enix updated the store page of Final Fantasy XV almost five days prior to its official release. Not only that, but the publisher has updated its EULA in order to include Denuvo. Back in February, Denuvo was not listed in the game’s EULA.

As such, and since publishers are obviously deceiving their customers, we won’t be publishing any Denuvo news based on the Steam store pages of upcoming games. Lesson learned. And make no mistake, Square Enix did deceive its customers as it had not listed Denuvo when the game was available for pre-order.

Final Fantasy XV releases on March 6th and will support mods, despite the presence of Denuvo.