EVE: Valkyrie – Fourth free update coming on February 15th

CCP Games has announced that the fourth free update for its VR space combat shooter, EVE: Valkyrie, will be released on February 15th. According to the company, the Wormholes update brings mysterious and exotic game modes, as well as the new Leagues alpha feature. In order to celebrate this announcement, CCP Games released a new trailer for this upcoming update that can be viewed below.

As the press release reads, each weekend, a new wormhole will open and inside, players will find unique gameplay opportunities that challenge everything they know about being a Valkyrie pilot. From mined control points to Supermissiles and beyond, the combinations are endless. The mysteries of Wormhole space are still largely unknown, with plenty yet for players to discover.

The Wormholes update also brings with it the new Leagues alpha feature, which showcases the competitive spirit of the Valkyrie. All pirates are after treasure, but to a Valkyrie the ultimate reward is status. In this first iteration of Leagues, players will earn points toward League status by playing competitive multiplayer matches. All players will begin at Emerald and the best will progress to Sapphire, Ruby, and ultimately Diamond, where the brightest stars sit in a league of their own.


EVE: Valkyrie - Wormholes Update Trailer