Euclideon Is Back With A New Video, Promises To Revolutionize Video-Game Graphics

If you’ve been following/reading us from the beginning, you’ll definitely remember Euclideon. For those unfamiliar with it, back in 2011 Euclideon presented a video, promising unlimited detail via its engine. As you may have guessed, that engine never saw the light of day and today, Euclideon has released yet another video.

But first of all, let us remind you what Unlimited Details is all about.

“Unlimited Detail is a 3D computer graphics point cloud rendering system. It is unique in that the system’s computational cost of rendering closely correlates with the displayed resolution as opposed to the detail of the underlying scene. It is currently being developed by Euclideon who claim that it works by determining which direction the camera is facing and then searching the point cloud to find only the points required to be displayed on the screen with unneeded points not being touched.”

Now while this new video shows incredible detail, it remains to be seen whether the team will be able to deliver a game with those visuals. From the get-go, the biggest issue with Euclideon’s engine (according to a number of reports) was the addition of animations for objects and characters, as well as the overall interaction with the environment.

There is no doubt that Euclideon’s tech demo looks stunning. However, will it be able to handle a game with proper animations, interactions and physics? Euclideon claimed that it can, and that it has currently two games under development.

It remains to be seen whether those claims are valid or not.