Escape from Tarkov’s In-game Skill System Revealed & Detailed

Battlestate games, developers of Escape from Tarkov, have revealed new details about the game’s in-game skill system, skill upgrades and skills’ influence on gameplay, which are detailed below.

Escape from Tarkov features five skill categories, and each skill upgrade is repetition-based: the more a character performs a certain action – the better he becomes at it. In short, a player’s actions directly influence their character by upgrading the most essential and frequently used skills.

The skill system in Escape from Tarkov is designed to be a bit different from everything what you may have seen so far in the majority of RPG projects, and moreover, it is designed so that it does not interfere with the core gameplay.

In the skills interface, each skill icon features a small colored letter – and all of them have their own meaning.

The digits at the bottom of a skill icon reflect skill level and progress.

Skill upgrades are repetition-based, and, by performing any action, you are gradually upgrading the respective skill or skills, thus making consecutive performance better, quicker and more accurate.

As a result, your character will only improve in the skills that you use during gameplay.

Additionally, on every experience level gained, you will be granted an opportunity to level up one skill at your own discretion.

If the player does not make use of a certain skill, it will eventually lose levels. Skills can’t, however, be “forgotten” absolutely; unused skills are rolled back/forgotten to a predetermined minimum level, and, the player can level them back up to where they were by simply making use of them. The skills system is also designed so that a skill weakened by dis-use can return to the “forgotten” level more quickly than if you were first learning it.

After reaching a particularly high skill level, an “elite” skill level is unlocked, which features various bonus perks – which are, of course, very helpful.

Below is an example of several skills and their impact on gameplay:

· This skill levels up in particular order – first Strength, then Endurance and finally – Vitality. Skill bonuses for the character include a reduced chance of fracture, higher out-of-combat recovery speed and reduced energy consumption and dehydration speed. Upon leveling up to the elite skill level, players are rewarded with bonuses that include, for example, a small reduction in damage taken in combat, and a sustained immunity to poisoning.

· To increase this skill, players must use it by searching containers, looting dead bodies, and examining other items throughout the game. The Attention skill bonus increases makes it faster for players to scavenge loot from bodies and containers, while also increasing their chance of finding rare loot. The elite level of this skill opens up the possibility of “instant searching” and an even better chance of finding rare loot.

Melee weapons:
· The melee weapon handling skill is upgraded by successfully landing stabs and cuts with close-range weapons. The Melee Weapons skill bonus provides enhanced swing strength and a shorter delay before swinging a weapon. The elite skill level gives players a chance to strike a killing blow in combat, along with the chance of causing a stricken enemy to bleed-out.

Escape from Tarkov includes following skills:
(This list is not complete and will be updated as development progresses)

Skill Categories:
· Ph – Physical
· P – Practical
· M – Mental
· C – Combat
· S – Special

Ph – physical
· Endurance
· Strength
· Vitality
· Health
· Stress resistance
· Metabolism
· Immunity

M – Mental
· Perception
· Intellect
· Attention
· Charisma
· Memory

C – Combat
· Pistols
· Revolvers
· SMGs
· Assault rifles
· Shotguns
· Sniper rifles
· LMGs
· Heavy machineguns
· Under-barrel weapon systems
· Grenade launchers
· Throwing weapons
· Special weapons
· Melee weapons
· Preparing for action
· Recoil control
· Weapon switching
· Troubleshooting

P – Practical
· Sniping
· Covert movement
· Prowling
· Basic medical aid
· Field medical aid
· Light armor
· Heavy armor
· Gear distribution
· Basic weapon modification
· Advanced weapon modification
· Nighttime operations
· Silent operations
· Clean operations
· Barter
· Multi-level marketing
· Free trading
· Task performance
· Shadow connections
· Auctions
· Lock picking
· Search
· Electronic hacking
· Trap placement
· Minelaying
· Explosive devices
· Weapon treatment

Last but not least, the Special skills group includes skills that are exclusively accessible by characters of three different factions: BEAR, USEC or Scavs.

There are distinct skill differences between USEC and BEAR units, which are expressed by what skills players in these factions start with, and what the base levels are for those skills. Plus, USEC and BEAR each have their own group of special abilities.

S – Special
· AK weapon systems
· High caliber
· Assault operations
· Raw power
· Authority
· Zeroing

· AR weapon systems
· Total weapon modification
· Tactics
· Negotiations