EpicDuel Delta Phase Coming On June 29th

Artix Entertainment announced that they will be releasing a new Delta phase of EpicDuel this Wednesday, June 29th. This Delta phase will be the biggest release in EpicDuel’s history and will include 3 new classes, 2v1 boss fights, new weapons, and more.
In case you were unaware of, EpicDuel is Artix Entertainment’s only PVP MMO 2D game. As with most games from Artix, this is a free-to-play download-free browser game and is updated with weekly releases of new content such as new armors, weapons, quests, and areas.
In the new release, players will see the addition of three new class evolutions – these are upgraded (or evolved) versions of existing character classes with extra skills and abilities. Players will have to learn new strategies for playing and defeating players with these new classes. Also, Delta release will bring one of the most anticipated mechanics to the game: the all new 2v1 boss battle mechanic where for the first time, EpicDuel players will be able to team up with a friend to battle ultra-powerful bosses.  Aside from these battle-changing additions, the developers have also completely redesigned Fortune City (the main city in the game), and will be releasing a powerful new sword, new NPCs, a new achievement, and even some top-secret things that you’ll have to log in to see!