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Epic offered Sony $200 million for bringing 4-6 first-party games to PC

According to some leaked documents, Epic has offered Sony $200 million for bringing 4-6 first-party games to the PC. Sony has not rejected this offering and Epic Games is currently awaiting its response. Should Sony accept this agreement, these first-party games will release exclusively on Epic Games Store.

Epic Games was also interested in bringing first-party games from Microsoft and Nintendo to its store. However, it appears that those plans will not come to fruition.

Sony Epic Games Store offer

Regarding Nintendo, Epic claims that this is a “moonshot” unto itself, and that Nintendo’s history says this is a non-starter. So yeah, don’t expect to be playing natively on PC any of the big N’s first-party games.

On the other hand, Microsoft’s PC Game Pass leader appears to be against what Epic is doing. Furthermore, Microsoft’s store is obviously a direct rival of Epic Games Store. Not only that, but Phil Spencer appears to be meeting Gabe Newell occasionally, something that will strengthen the relationship between Microsoft and Valve.