Epic Games is developing a PC-exclusive shooter

Exciting times everyone. After Bleszinski’s thoughts about Epic Games’ future shooters – and his desire to return to their roots, both Mike Capps and Bleszinski revealed at PAX East that Epic Games is developing a PC exclusive title. Yeap, you read that right. Epic Games is currently developing a PC-exclusive game.
During a PAX East panel, Mike Capps teased that the company might be working on a PC-only title. Surely this could be some kind of trolling but then Cliff Bleszinski picked up and said that they are indeed working on a PC game:
“Let me say that again: we are working on a PC game.”
Both Mike Capps and Bleszinski didn’t reveal any more details about it, though we do know that this title will remain a PC-exclusive game (for the time being). Could this be a new Unreal game? Or a Samaritan game that will push the graphical boundaries? And for God’s sake, let this not be a casual or a free-to-play title.
Stay tuned for more!