Epic Games is currently working on an unannounced competitive online action game

Epic Games
And time for some useless news (at least for some). It seems that Epic Games is currently working on a new, unannounced online game. Although we don’t know what it is or in which platforms it will be releasing, the job listing – spotted by NeoGAF – claims that this unannounced game will be a competitive online action game that includes player progression, heavy itemization, and a dynamic economy.
Our guess is that this project will be coming on next-gen platforms, meaning that we could see it hitting the PC too. After all, it’s an online game with itemization/dynamic economy (which sounds like micro-transactions to us).
The ideal candidate for the Senior Systems Designer job will have the following:
-Passion for game and systems design, and the desire to work with the biggest data sets possible
-Experience and Passion for building and/or playing Shooters, MMO’s, RPG’s, or RTS games
-Excellent math and analytical skills
-Ability to work well within a team environment
-5 plus years in a design role
-Demonstrated experience with advancement, itemization and progression based systems
-Experience developing best practices on building scalable and maintainable systems and be comfortable educating others as to their value
-Experience with competitive multiplayer balance a plus
So, are we looking at a next-gen MMO that will be played from a first person perspective and will have RPG and RTS elements? Sounds possible.
Epic Games won’t reveal much about this unannounced game anytime soon, so don’t hold your breath.
Still, we’ll be sure to keep you posted about it!