Elder Productions’ The Legend Is A New Slenderman Game That Is Powered By CryEngine 3

The freeware, Unity powered, Slender game may very well be one of the most influential games of our times. Since its release, we’ve seen various alternatives to it, as well as the announcement of Slender: Source. And here comes today Elder Productions with its own take on Slenderman’s legend. The Legend is a CryEngine 3 game that is based on Slenderman’s myth and is similar to Parsec Productions’ Slender game.
The team wants to keep things simple, as that was the strongest key point of Slender. Elder Productions will equip players with minimal tools and even-less understanding of what will happen.  Not only that, but ‘The Legend’ will feature AI teamates to back players up.
The Legend promises to be packed with gorgeous visuals, and the team has released a teaser trailer for it that can be viewed below.
No ETA has been announced as of yet, but we’ll keep you posted.
In other news, Slender: Source is currently at Steam’s Greenlight section. If you’re interested in it then make sure to support it.
"The Legend" Teaser Trailer - 01