E3 2012 – Almost all E3 multi-platform games were showcased on the PC

You know what? It’s a bit ironic to see a platform winning E3, even without having a press conference dedicated to it. Of course most of you are drooling over Far Cry 3, Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Medal of Honor: Warfighter, Tomb Raider, Dead Space 3, Dishonored and other multi-platform titles, right? Well, time to let you know that all those games were demoed on a PC and not on a console. Forget those controllers that were used. Instead of lying to everyone (like Crytek did back in 2010 with their Crysis 2 demo), most companies in this year’s E3 admitted that they were using a PC to showcase their games, either publicly or in personal interviews.
And, to be honest, this is not surprising. Even if the companies had refused to admit that they were using a PC to show off their titles, one has to simply look at the aliasing level to find out whether or not a game is running on consoles. Take for example both Beyond: Two Souls and The Last Of Us. Those two PS3 exclusive titles have noticeable jagged graphics. This does not mean – in any way – that they are not great looking games. They are gorgeous. It simply proves the difference (when it comes to resolution and AA) between a console and a PC game. Aliasing is more noticeable in The Last Of Us that is packed with an open world environment (compared to Beyond: Two Souls that has simply two detailed rooms).
Among the afforementioned titles, Battlefield 3, Crysis 3, and Metro: Last Light were demoed on PC. And let’s not forget the next-generation tech demos/titles that were running on high-end PC systems. Who can forget the amazing Watch Dogs footage or the mind-blowing Star Wars 1313 and Square Enix’s Agnis Philosophy demo? And wait till you see the Unreal Engine 4 tech demo that will debut today and will run on a high-end PC.
And then we have all those PC-exclusive titles that have not seen the light of day from most publications. ArmA 3, SimCity, The Elder Scrolls Online, Warface and Shootmania were all present at E3 and powered by high-end PCs.
Fact is that PC has managed to prevail this year’s E3 and nobody had even noticed it. Ironic, isn’t it? And don’t expect to see the visuals (and the framerates) you just saw in all those aforementioned multi-platform titles on your consoles guys. There will definitely be noticeable lower visuals in that versions. It may come close, but they won’t look as impressive as those E3 2012 demos.