Dungeon Defenders – Patch 7.03 Released

Trendy Entertainment and Reverb Publishing released a new update for their Tower Defense Action-RPG, Dungeon Defenders. This update will be auto-downloaded the next time you start the Steam client and will add a Gears-of-War-Style offset Chase Camera for ranged characters, as well as support for Mouse “Thumb” buttons 4 and 5. You can view the entire changelog after the jump.
Dungeon Defenders Patch 7.03 Changelog:
* Input Configuration now supports Mouse “Thumb” buttons 4 and 5
* Newly Added: Gears-of-War-Style offset Chase Camera for ranged characters, for better shooting
* Fix for a Mission Progression data bug, which could cause an issue with not having levels unlocked that you should have.
* Chat box no longer will close when pressing an alpha-numeric chat button while typing if bound to it
* You are now given the tutorial achievement in Ranked mode, so that you can progress towards Legendary Defender
* Ability Hotkeys 5-0 can now be bound in the Game Config Tool
* More TrendyNet client-side tweaks to further decrease Ranked disconnections
* Issues with Steam Cloud in Local Play should be resolved
* Local data automatic backup system
* Gamepad can now properly control the “Choose Multiplayer Mode” UI
* Improved Monk DPS Ramp