Dungeon Defenders gets President’s Day Surprise DLC

Trendy Entertainment has released a new DLC for their amazing indie action RPG, Dungeon Defenders. President’s Day Surprise DLC pitch your heroes against each other in the ‘Presidential Battle Arena,’ where you’ll have to not only fight each other for the most points, but do so while evading the deadly Demon Boss. Oh, and did we mention that it’s a free DLC?
This DLC includes the Presidential Battle Arena’ Challenge Mission, 2 Unlockable Pets (Democrat Donkey and Republican Elephant), 2 Unique Weapons, and 4 Unlockable Outfits (Monk – President Obama, Squire – Mitt Romney, Huntress – Michelle Obama, Apprentice – George Washington).
Those interested can get it from here.
Dungeon Defenders - Presidents Day Battle Royale