Dungeon Defenders – Patch 7.04 Released

Few days ago, we informed you about Dungeon Defenders’ 7.03 patch. Well, get ready everyone because Trendy Entertainment and Reverb Publishing released today the game’s next patch. Dungeon Defenders 7.04 fixes a potential losing-mission-unlock issue, assigns the console key from Tilde to F1 and increases maximum number of dropped items on the ground in missions. As always, this patch will be auto-downloaded next time you start the Steam client. You can view the entire changelog after the jump.
Dungeon Defenders 7.04 Update Changelog:
* Steam persona names with non-ASCII characters can now connect to TrendyNet. (Korean names, etc)
* Fixed special characters “\”, “/”, “<” creating unjoinable online games
* Fixed “Start Wave” not updating to display the current Wave number of the match
* Fixed potential losing-mission-unlock issue
* Added option to toggle chase camera offset between left, right, and centered
* Added option to disable “automatic step towards melee target” behavior
* Made UI Scale keep the edge-alignment of the UI elements, so they stay at their corner even as they get smaller
* Console key now changed from Tilde to F1
* Apprentice: increased Tower attack rate ramp
* Squire: lowered Tower DPS ramp
* Increased maximum number of dropped items on the ground in missions
* Made “L” key quickly log/unlock the highlighted item in your Item Box
* Added -dowritelog commandline option to output log data & better error reporting method
* Reworked TrendyNet keep-alive logic to minimize disconnects and reduce load