Dropzone Announced – New Free Real-Time Strategy Game

Gameforge and Sparkypants Studios have just announced a new real-time strategy game, called Dropzone. Dropzone is described as a highly competitive title that combines the intense 1v1 action, deep strategic multi-units tactics and map control of RTS with extensive customization, pilot leveling, and familiar controls.

In Dropzone, players take control of a squad of three mighty war machines, known as “Rigs”, in explosive 15-minute battles for dominance.

“Players can choose from a variety of Pilots, Rigs and Gear to customize their squad to suit their style of play. Powered by Sparkypants Studios own Sparkle Engine, a game engine built from the ground up for competitive online play, Dropzone represents the next generation of RTS in 2016.”

Here are the game’s key features:

  • 1v1 Focus on individual skill and strategic customization
  • Familiar PC mouse/keyboard controls from the best of the RTS and MOBA genres
  • Intense 15 minutes matches
  • Extensive options for customizable units – combine pilots and gear to build a squad of Rigs that suits your style of play
  • Easily understandable rules and victory conditions that provide for incredible strategic depth
  • Integrated Spectator and Replay Modes allow players to watch and learn
  • Powered by the brand-new next-gen Sparkle Engine, designed specifically for:
    -Robust Online Play
    -Responsive Controls
    -Amazing Visual Fidelity that is 4k Gaming-Ready, but can scale lower-end HW

Dropzone is set for a 2016 release as a free download for the PC.