Dragon’s Dogma Online Revealed, Will Be Free-To-Play, Coming To The PC In 2015

A couple of months ago, some rumours surrounding a new Dragon’s Dogma game surfaced. According to those rumours, this new Dragon’s Dogma game would be an Online title and today Famitsu revealed that Dragon’s Dogma Online is a thing.

Dragon’s Dogma Online will be coming in 2015 in Japan for PC, PS3 and PS4.

Dragon’s Dogma Online will feature parties of four players – though you will be able to also play solo via three AI teammates – and will pack lobbies with up to 100 players (with which you will be able to chat and quick-match for parties).

In addition, Dragon’s Dogma Online will feature an open world that will be expanded via various DLCs and expansion packs.

As noted, players will be taking the role of an “Awakened” and will be exploring  the new lands of Lestania, where they will form parties and fight monsters. Among the available jobs that players will be able to select are: Fighter, Hunter, Priest, Shield Sage, and more.

Last but not least, a ‘Rage’ mode has been mentioned (that will be similar in functionality with the one found in the Monster Hunter series).

Enjoy and kudos to our reader ‘Sikandar Ali’ (and Dualshockers for reporting the news).