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Dragon Ball FighterZ online is still seriously messed up after two whole weeks since release

Dragon Ball FighterZ was released on January 26th and as we wrote in our PC Performance Analysis, it suffered from major online issues. It’s been two weeks since then and from the looks of it, nothing has changed and that’s a bit disheartening since this latest fighting game has been selling well for Bandai Namco.

As we wrote in our PC Performance Analysis:

“Arc System Works has introduced some really small lobbies, supporting up to 64 players. As such, players – at least for now – will have to constantly switch regions in order to find servers with Lobbies that have a respectable amount of empty places. Moreover, I had trouble getting to an online match. I had to wait for more than 10 minutes in order to find a match, even when I set my online preferences to “3 bars connectivity and up” and “Stronger opponents than me”. For comparison purposes, I could find – with the same settings – an online match in Tekken 7 in less than 8 minutes, and that game has a noticeable lower playerbase right now than Dragon Ball FighterZ. Hell, even in regions and lobbies with less than 50 people I had to wait over 5 minutes in order to get a match. And this is simply unacceptable for a brand new game.”

Arc System Works has not done anything to improve the online experience. It’s still a pain in the ass in order to play an online match, there are major latency issues and there are disconnects during matches. To put it simply; the online experience is as underwhelming as it can get.

Not only that, but Arc System Works has not released – apart from a hotfix – any patch to address some of the issues of the PC version. Players cannot use the mouse in lobbies, there are no keyboard on-screen prompts and the game only displays the default buttons.

“For example, the default button for the Light Attack is A. If you assign A to the Assist Move, the game will still display the A button for all the “Light Attack” moves. As such, even those with controllers that decide to use some custom layouts will have trouble as the game does not display the correct buttons.”

It comes as no surprise then that in only just two weeks, the game’s amount of concurrent players has been significantly decreased. At launch day, there were 44K concurrent players and now there are around 8K players.

Here is hoping that Bandai Namco and Arc System Works will fix the game’s major online issues sooner than later!