Doomsplitters is a new mod that brings the maps, weapons and enemies from Timesplitters to classic Doom

Modder ‘ghostlion88’ has released a new mod for id Software’s classic shooter that brings to it the maps, weapons and enemies from Timesplitters. The latest version of Doomsplitters features four maps that are based on the Timesplitters levels and these are: Spaceways, Planet X, Ufopia and Streets.

In addition, the mod comes with three new weapons (raygun, raygun carbine and plasma rifle), as well as new sprites. The reaper splitter replaces revenant, Big fat pumpkin replaces Mancubus and Evil Parasitic Archons replaces Pinki. Moreover, the modder has added Yozar mox (variation subspecies on ozar, meezor & koozer mox) and the janitor robot.

Those interested can download the mod from here. According to the modder, this mod works fine with GZDoom.

Have fun!

Doom Splitters (Timesplitters Doom mod)