DOOM Will Feature 17 Single-Player Missions, Map Names Revealed Via Datamining

Gamers seem to be really thirsty about DOOM. After Doomworld‘s previous leaks, some new information surfaced yesterday. According to the latest reports, DOOM will feature 17 single-player missions. Not only that, but according to the official Twitter account, the game will lastĀ over 13 hours.

And here are the single-player maps that will be featured in DOOM. Do note that this information is based on the alpha version of DOOM that was leaked online. In other words, it can be considered accurate, although id Software may have changed or added one or two maps since then.

But anyway, the 17 missions (kudos to NeoGAF’s member ‘JumPeRJumPzZ‘ for sharing the news) that will be included in the game’s Single-player campaign are:

  • argent_tower
  • bfg_division
  • blood_keep
  • blood_keep_b
  • electro_tower
  • genesis_surface
  • hangar
  • intro
  • lazarus
  • olympia_engineering
  • olympia_shipyard
  • olympia_surface_west
  • polar_core
  • resource_ops
  • resource_ops_foundry
  • surface
  • titan

DOOM is scheduled for a May 13th release!