Doom Slayer Chronicles will push the GZDoom Engine to its limits (dynamic lighting, PBR textures, hardware shaders)

Modder ‘bifurcator_x’ is currently working on the most beautiful and technologically advanced mappack for Doom2 singleplayer, Doom Slayer Chronicles. In order to showcase its amazing visuals, the modder released some screenshots that you can find below.

Doom Slayer Chronicles will take advantage of the newest features of GZDoom, such as hardware shaders, full-screen post-processing, PBR textures (normals and specular maps, also often called “bump mapping”), high-resolution textures, and dynamic lighting.

This is unquestionably the most advanced mappack I’ve seen for GZDoom. The modder aims to release Doom Slayer Chronicles later this Summer so stay tuned for more. Until then, enjoy the following screenshots!

Doom Slayer Chronicles: Dev.diary. Heat Haze.