Doom Slayer Chronicles mod releases in Fall 2018, is 100% complete, features modern-day advanced graphics

Modder ‘bifurcator_x’ has announced that his highly advanced GZDoom/Doom 2 total conversion mod, Doom Slayer Chronicles, will release in Fall 2018 and is now 100% complete. In order to celebrate this announcement, the modder has also released a new gameplay trailer that you can find below.

Doom Slayer Chronicles will take advantage of the newest features of GZDoom, such as hardware shaders, full-screen post-processing, PBR textures (normals and specular maps, also often called “bump mapping”), high-resolution textures, and dynamic lighting.

Since this mod will require a somehow powerful PC, the modder is also considering releasing some lower quality packs. The DSC Material Pack will feature the default set of materials for the DSC original high resolution textures. On the other hand, the Low Res Texture Pack will have the original textures of the DSC downsampled to the native Doom resolution and the Low Res Material Pack will be a set of materials in the native Doom resolution.

The distributive of DSC will include high-resolution textures (that are four times higher than the default Doom resolution) and will come without the defined materials. The modder suggests using DSC with the DSC Material Pack for the best image quality.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more!

Doom Slayer Chronicles announcement teaser