Doom – Framerate Will Not Be Capped At 60FPS On The PC Upon Release

Id Software’s Lead Renderer Programmer, Tiago Sousa, has confirmed that the framerate in the PC version of DOOM will not be limited at 60fps. According to both Tiago Sousa and the official Twitter account for DOOM, the framerate was locked at 60fps for beta purposes only.

We are pretty sure that this will please all DOOM fans, as a lot of gamers criticized id Software for locking the framerate at 60fps. Well, thankfully the final version won’t be plagued by this limitation.

As we’ve already showcased via the game’s locked advanced settings, the game does support refresh rates up to 144hz. However, these options were locked in both the closed and the open beta phases.

What’s also interesting here is that the game already supports multi-GPUs. This is amazing as all the previous games that were powered by the predecessor of the id Tech 6, the id Tech 5, did not support such setups.

DOOM releases on May 13th!