Crysis 4

Don’t expect to be playing Crysis 4 anytime soon, and here is why

In January 2022, Crytek announced the fourth installment of the Crysis franchise (which has the working title “Crysis 4”). However, after over a year, it appears that this game is still in a very early development stage.

Yesterday, Crytek posted the following job listing video. The team is currently looking for a Lead Producer, Lead AI Programmer and Lead Environment Artist for Crysis 4.

What this ultimately means is that the game is still in a very early development stage (it may even be in a pre-production phase. After all, the team is looking for a Lead Producer right now).

So, basically, you should not expect to be playing this Crysis game anytime soon. As we all suspected, its announcement back in 2022 was used as a pitch to build a dev team for it.

It wouldn’t surprise me if Crysis 4 targeted next-gen consoles. Realistically, we are looking at a game that will come out in 2026-2027 (and that’s an optimistic scenario). By that time, Sony and Microsoft will be most likely hyping PS6 and Xbox Series X Next.

Let’s at least hope that Crysis 4 will push the graphical boundaries of PC games when it comes out!

A CRYSIS is coming. We need your help.