DmC Devil May Cry – SweetFX vs Vanilla Comparison

Devil May Cry 5
We’ve got to admit that SweetFX is a really… sweet tool that most of you probably already use. If not, you should. This tool lets you tweak a game to your liking, and below you can find a comparison between our SweetFX settings and the vanilla version of Capcom’s action title. As always, the SweetFX shots are on the left whereas the vanilla ones are on the right. You can also find a link if you want to download and use it.
In order to use our SweetFX settings, you’ll have to download the SweetFX mod from here and extract it in the same folder with the game’s executable file. By default, the path where you need to extract it is DmC Devil May Cry/Binaries/Win32.
For this game, we wanted to stay as close to Ninja Theory’s vision as possible. Therefore, we tweaked various settings but tried to keep the game’s atmosphere at identical levels.