Dishonored 2 – First free update is now available to everyone

Bethesda announced that Dishonored 2’s first free game update with New Game Plus is now available worldwide. While the PC has already received three updates, this one is the first free update that has been released universally on all platforms.

Unlocked once you complete the game as either Emily or Corvo, New Game Plus lets you begin anew as either character with access to each hero’s full suite of abilities plus all the Bonecharm Traits and Runes collected from your previous playthrough that you can re-assign to choose the powers you want.

Even more options to customize your experience will arrive in January with the game’s second free update that will include two new features: Mission Select and additional Custom Difficulty Settings that further tailor to your playstyle and adjust the challenge based on a wide array of settings.

This update will be auto-downloaded from Steam, and you can find its complete changelog below.

Dishonored 2 – First Free Update Changelog:


  • Added New Game Plus


  • Fixed a bug where Switching off the V-Sync for the second time sets the FPS Limiter to 30 instead of 60 by default
  • Fixed a bug where changing the settings from TXAA to FXAA and not applying the change makes the TXAA Sharpness turn to 1 instead of its previous value
  • Fixed various crashes to desktop
  • Game now runs on Phenom processor
  • Fixed physics step variation limitation
  • PC Load screens – the mouse cursor is now hidden – can press any key to continue
  • Fixed Triple Buffering description text to match the option
  • Fixed various bugs releated to PC Visuals Options
  • Improved input management when the game runs at 120fps, during bendtime or slowmo
  • Fixed a bug where plugging and unplugging controller after game has launched locks controls until either the controller button or Alt Tab is used
  • Improved Ansel integration
  • Fixed a bug where the resolution of the timepiece’s preview keeps changing when opening a menu while playing with the adaptive resolution and FXAA
  • Fixed a bug where the cursor was misplaced during greater blood thirst


  • Fixed spiritual pool and strong arm bone charms not working correctly
  • Fixed a bug where audio persist after chocking and pushing away an NPC
  • Fixed a bug where Delilah was misplaced during the second part of the intro
  • Fixed some clipping issues
  • Tweaked some animations
  • Fixed some lighing issues
  • Fixed cases where sounds were cut
  • Fixed a bug where Audiograph subtitles did not pause with the voice over
  • Fixed a case where placeholder images were incorrectly replacing Save thumbnails
  • Fixed a bug where changing the Audio Setting from Default to English would remove VO and Subtitles from NPCs
  • Added auditory feedback for selecting the “No” option on a confirmation screen
  • Fixed a bug incorrectly attributing to the player when an NPC accidentally falls into the water
  • Fixed a bug where the Clockwork Soldiers’ vision lights do not despawn when the head is destroyed during stop time
  • Fixed a bug on harder difficulties, where player can waste mana potions with the Auto Use Mana Elixirs options
  • Updated flee distance for burning venom
  • Fixed a bug where Delilah ending cutscene was interrupted without any reason and blocked the player
  • Fixed a bug where mana still regenerates when player has Witch’s Skin bonecharm equipped
  • Fixed the Vengeance bonecharm that was not giving the player adrenaline when taking melee damage
  • Fixed a bug when player cures Hypatia before she transforms and talks to her at the same time causing both cutscenes to be skipped
  • Fixed a bug where NPC falls to the floor dead while being choked near Wall of Light
  • Fixed a bug where the Baffling Shade upgrade affects other Doppelganger clones
  • Fixed a bug where mana bar regeneration breaks when using Void Armor bonecharm with Corrupted Trait Restorative Glimmer
  • Fixed a bug where player can’t consume health potion when unconscious or about to be killed
  • Fixed a bug where Jindosh cannot be interacted with if player dominos doppelganger and Jindosh when in chair
  • Spiritual Fortune bonecharm – removed delay for mana regeneration when its effect occurs
  • Fixed a bug where Display Tutorial Notifications also turns on/off the on screen Jindosh Lock Combination
  • Fixed a bug where the monologue of “A Crack in the Slab” could turn black after a couple of seconds
  • Void Rapture doesn’t affect Breanna now
  • Updated the Savage Scream corrupted bonecharm trait description
  • Fixed a bug where Leech Cuts bonecharm gives health when striking Clockworks with 0 damage
  • Fixed a bug where Clockworks will go into full alert and count a detection against the player through collision when damaged by grenades or drop assasinated
  • Fixed a bug where dead bodies can damage breakables without velocity
  • Fixed a crash when player engages Clockwork Solider and Witches in the hallway of the security room
  • Fixed a bug where NPCs can suddenly be seen standing during the recover from ragdoll animation
  • Fixed a bug where the player was able to stun NPCs through walls
  • Guards body now cast shadow when player carry it around
  • Fixed a bug where Male elites/veterans have displaced pistols if attacked by bloodflies after being alerted
  • Fixed a bug where killing multiple NPCs using upgraded Windblast near a Wall of Light causes audio distortion
  • Fixed a bug where NPC killed by environmental fire while being choked or thrown cannot be carried
  • Fixed a dirty frame during the mine reload
  • Removed equip animation and swarm distraction on nestkeeper
  • Fixed a bug where the player could not slide until the crossbow was reloaded
  • Fixed choke sound when curing Hypatia
  • Fixed a bug where Grim Alex could get stuck on a counter after being Windblasted
  • Fixed a bug where Delilah has broken pathing if player shoots her while stealthed
  • Fixed a bug where unconscious bodies do not take damage from part of the electric rail
  • Fixed a bug where guards in photo lab have inconsistent and delayed alert behavior
  • Mana regen rate is now faster when a mana potion is used
  • Added a slowmo at the end of the bloodthirsty double kill
  • Fixed a bug where the sword could damage NPCs during the preparation animation of focused attack
  • Corrupted bonecharm effect of Electrical Burst increases the range of stun mines instead of decreasing
  • Fixed a bug where Far Reach pulling an NPC then assassinating them pushes the NPC extremely far away
  • Awareness marker are only displayed within 25m from the player
  • Fixed a bug where Souvenirs does not require the Syringe to be unlocked
  • Fixed a bug causing “Ghost Between the Cogs” not to unlock
  • Fixed a bug where using the Heart while Delilah is on the throne will break the ghost playthrough
  • Good Doctor – Fixed a bug where the Player cannot talk to Meagan after all objectives are completed
  • DTTE – Witch on bridge now reacts to her friend being killed
  • Fixed bug where Game over was triggered when sleep darting Sokolov after Save/Load
  • Fixed splashscreen shader for unusual resolutions
  • Fixed some shadow/light pops in the machine room


  • Fixed a bug where guards spotted and attacked player through elevator shaft walls in hard difficulty
  • Fixed a bug where a Guard NPC will begin to flee after killing Hatter NPC
  • Fixed the Leech Cuts black bonecharm that was fully healing the player when killing an unconscious NPC
  • Fixed a bug where Cilvilians have delayed response after player was in combat with Overseers
  • Fixed a bug where Clockwork soldiers becomed stuck in table while stepping off
  • Added distance to panic when a Civilian see a corpse
  • Fixed a bug where possessing Breanna as she teleports caused her to lose AI and turn invisible
  • Fixed a bug where NPC stop moving when they are too far from the player
  • Fixed a bug where choking and dropping a guard on an Upper Aventa Ledge will cause him to run OOW
  • Fixed a bug on Good Doctor where Meagan may not talk to the player preventing completion of the level
  • Fixed a bug where throwing a conscious NPC through a window does not alert nearby guards
  • Fixed a bug where player falls to the ground below after loading a save made standing on a watchtower
  • Fixed a bug where hitting Delilah with multiple grenade explosions causes her to never return from her teleport or to return not immortal
  • Fixed a bug where immolated howler wouldn’t stop speaking
  • Fixed a bug where a clockwork soldier was locked in place after loading
  • Fixed a bug where a rewired Clockwork Soldier who loses an arm during combat with NPCs will become hostile to the player again
  • Fixed a bug where NPCs do not react to headless clockwork soldiers unless attacked
  • Fixed a bug where Delilah clones don’t fight back
  • Fixed some issues with the gravehound skull
  • Fixed some issues with the wolfhound
  • Fixed a crash while the witches are fighting the Grand Guard
  • Fixed a bug to prevent NPCs getting stuck when exiting possession
  • Fixed a bug where the render of the black elements in the background of the credits video looks bad
  • Fixed a bug where witches could teleport to same location
  • Fixed a bug where a NPC can accidentally fall into the water while chasing the player.
  • Fixed hair rendering being too dark


  • Fixed a bug where the player can be executed by an NPC as he uses a health elixir and dies with health above 0
  • Fixed a bug where players may experience their sliding and crouching animations playing at half speed after loading a save
  • Fixed a bug where the sprint blur remained on screen
  • Fixed some camera issues
  • Fixed a bug where the player is missing arms when loading a save created while swimming
  • Right hand is now displayed if you jump in water while holding Focus attack
  • Fixed a bug where choking any NPC then immediately pushing them away may cause the chokehold audio to persist
  • Fixed a bug where the player couldn’t switch equipment when the current one is being unequipped while blocking
  • Fixed a bug allowing player to push NPC OOW through certain walls
  • Fixed a bug where the Dealer upgrade was depending on control settings
  • Fixed a bug where Corvo’s Crossbow Masterwork The Dealer creates unretrievable bolts on multitarget hits


  • Doppelganger can now be spawned on stairs
  • Fixed a bug where canceling far reach mid-pull will reset the cool down
  • Fixes on the Possession and Bend time Combo
  • It’s now possible to combine double fatality and Far Reach
  • Fixed a bug where Mesmerize can despawn instantly and act improperly when used in an elevator
  • Fixed a bug where the player cannot use Transposition on a Doppelganger summoned during Stop Time
  • Player is now teleported back to his start position when possession is cancelled
  • Fixed a bug where fall damage can be cancelled through Far Reach
  • Doppelganger timer is not reset when started anymore
  • Fixed a bug when using Doppelganger or Mesmerize on certain objects can cause them to spawn underground
  • Fixed a bug where the player can be killed by explosion damage when possessing a corpse
  • Possessed rats and bloodflies now take damage from electric rails
  • Fixed a bug where witches can be possessed while teleporting
  • Fixed a bug where possessed NPCs always turned unconscious when unpossessed after a Save/Load
  • Fixed a bug where casting Possession on a Civilian at start of a level caused him to lose VO
  • Fixed some rat swarm issues


  • Fixed various issues related to Save/Load


  • Fixed a bug where HUD was visible during keyhole
  • Fixed a bug where Bloodthirst Fatality prompt is given while carrying body parts or a body
  • Fixed a bug where no tasks were displayed in journal in hide mode when the objectives contains a parallel with one active branch
  • Update abbreviations for Hours, Minutes, Seconds for time played Stats / Statistics / Results in certain languages
  • Fixed a bug where HUD displayed equipment was wrong when switching ammo types while blocking
  • Grenade cooking gauge is now hidden when using the spyglass
  • Added lean/sprint toggle options in the menu
  • Fixed a bug when loading a day1 patch save with a build including the power wheel filter feature makes the powers/weapons hidden by default
  • Fixed the trademark symbol next to Game Time in the Statistics menu Spanish

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