Disappointing Sales – Crysis 3 PC Has Just Passed 100.000 Sold Copies In Its Homeland

Crysis 2 v4

Well, most of us saw that coming. It seems that the PC version of Crysis 3 did not sell well, despite Crytek’s efforts to offer mind-blowing graphics and visuals. Yes, the PC version of Crysis 3 looks gorgeous but as a game itself… well… you know now… different Psycho… a f’ed up storyline… laughable attempts to connect Crysis 2 and 3 with Crysis 1. Let’s just say that we were disappointed with it, and it apparently we weren’t the only ones feeling that way.

PCGamesHardware reported today that Crysis 3 PC has just passed 100.000 sold copies in Germany, and that number is – as you may have guessed – way lower than the sales of the first PC exclusive Crysis title. Of course Crytek may have earned more from the game’s console versions but we really doubt that was the case, especially after all those performance issues that were spotted in both PS3 and X360.

So yeah, I guess Crytek did not convince PC gamers about Crysis 3. And even though the company has released a free SDK for CRYENGINE, it did not provide any mod tools for Crysis 3. And we are pretty sure that this had a negative impact on the game’s sales. Hell, it had a negative impact on Crytek itself as PC gamers no longer trust this company. And how can they not? The support for all three Crysis titles ended in a matter of months, leaving all PC gamers questioning Crytek’s motives.

Yes, CRYENGINE has a lot of potential and can display spectacular visuals. However Crytek has dropped the ball with its Crysis series. And this really troubles us. Let’s not forget that Crytek claimed that F2P would be the future of gaming and that Ryse is an Xbox One exclusive title. Could this mean the end of traditional PC games for Crytek or not?