DiRT Showdown PC – Incoming Patch with Performance Optimizations & Global illumination

If you had already gotten DiRT Showdown, you might have noticed a Global illumination option. This option is disabled for some people and naturally, PC gamers searched and found a way to enable it. However, there is no point in experimenting with it as Codemasters has – intentionally – disabled Global Illuminationuntil the first patch. According to the company’s community manager, HeliosCM, the PC version of DiRT Showdown will receive an update that will enable this feature and include other optimisations to make the game run faster.
If you still want to enable Global illumination and can’t wait for the update, you can do so by following these steps:
-Go to your savegame Folder for Dirt Showdown.
-Find the folder “hardwaresettings” and open it
-open the hardware_settings_config.xml file (with wordpad or notepad)
-find this line [ advanced forward=”true” global_illumination=”false” ] and replace the ‘false’ value with ‘true’
-save the file and make it Read-Only
As said, the performance hit is enormous and the graphical difference is minimal. Those with SLI configurations should also use this SLI compatibility bit ‘0x081000f5 ‘ as it offers better scaling.