DICE teases Battlefield V details: War Stories, new Battlefield in a new setting, gameplay changes and more

In order to further hype the official reveal of Battlefield V, DICE has teased some new details about this new Battlefield game. In a series of tweets, the official BF Twitter account shared things that may interest Battlefield fans.

DICE claims that Battlefield 5 will be a new Battlefield in a new setting. It will be a brand new experience however it will still retain everything that people loved about Battlefield.

Moreover, and contrary to Call of Duty Black Ops 4, Battlefield 5 will feature a single-player campaign and we finally got some details about it. DICE confirmed that the single-player campaign – War Stories – will be similar to that of the latest BF games, featuring multiple stories with different characters.

Last but not least, DICE stated that Battlefield V will feature new modes and experiences, and that there will be gameplay changes. These gameplay changes will be revealed at the official event on May 23rd, so stay tuned for more!