Diablo: The Hell v1.118 Is Out Now

Diablo fans, get ready for a treat as Mordor_XP released the latest version of their Diablo: The Hell mod for the original Diablo. According to the team, The Hell is not just a mod, it’s almost an expansion of Hellfire as it improves Hellfire and on top of that, it adds a megaton of other features that improve the game.
So for example, if Hellfire gameplay time was around 40-50 hours for finishing Hell mode, The Hell will take you a lot longer. Presumably, 2-4 months to beat Doom mode with one character (in multiplayer mode). If you start all 6 classes, it will take you even more.
Diablo: The Hell is concentrated on getting rid of all the initial bugs of Diablo & Hellfire. It also raises challenge considerably, gives much more variety (monsters, items, spells, boss monsters, unique items, item & environment colors), improves overall difficulty balance of the game, improves monster AI, introduces new character animations, increases replay value and gives full support for Multiplayer experience. It is the HARDEST of Diablo Hellfire mods.
The game is frequently updated and the team is currently looking for ASM programmers.
Diablo: The Hell can be downloaded from here.