Diablo and Starcraft 2 fans, rejoice; StarHack Beta has been released on Battle.net North America

Great news for all Diablo and Starcraft 2 fans, as the beta version StarHack has been released on Battle.net North America. StarHack is a hack-n-slash map conversion for StarCraft II that is pretty much based on Diablo’s gameplay mechanics and uses most of its menus. According to Larissa, this version is not polished as the team left the debug features enabled, and the quest/story is not quite complete.
Our guess is that after its long-time development, the team behind it felt the need to finally release something and give PC gamers a chance to enjoy it. Therefore, the beta version of StarHack doesn’t include all the areas, abilities and quests that will be available in the final version. Moreover, all characters created in the beta release won’t be usable in the final version.
StarHack will feature vendors and an inventory system, random generated dungeons, a minimap with real-time locations, four classes, 18 skills per class with a mix of active/passive skills and will support up to 8 players.
In order to find StarHack in Battle.net, PC gamers will have to click on the “Create Game” option under the Custom Games of StarCraft II’s Multiplayer menu. Then, they’ll have to select “Popular” and “Co-op VS AI” and search for the word ‘starhack’ in the search window.
StarHack Features Overview (Updated)