Serious Sam 4 new feature

Devolver Digital has acquired the creators of Serious Sam, Croteam

Devolver has announced the acquisition of Croteam, developers of the Serious Sam series. According to the publisher, Croteam will keep total creative freedom and Devolver Digital gets to publish its games.

Furthermore, Devolver has revealed some new games that will be coming from Croteam. As Devolver noted, Croteam will be working on The Talos Principles 2, new Serious Sam games, and original IP titles.

Here is hoping that this acquisition will give Croteam the funds to create more polished products. While Serious Sam 4 is a fan game, it had some awful optimization issues on the PC at launch. Moreover, its graphics weren’t that great by today’s standards. Ironically, the first Serious Sam titles were among the most beautiful PC games when they came out.

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