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Deus Ex GMDX Mod version 9.0 announced & detailed, coming this December

The man behind the GMDX mod for Deus Ex has revealed a new version that will be released this December. GMDX is a mod for Deus Ex that enhances the gaming experience, from gameplay to audio design to graphics, while maintaining strict respect for the original game’s identity and essential design principles.

The previous version of GMDX overhauled the game’s Artificial Intelligence, Audio Design, Graphics, User Interface and other crucial gameplay elements. This upcoming version, will focus on the enhancing the game’s artistic direction.

Furthermore, GMDX version 9.0 will feature additional graphical improvements such as new high resolution textures, a bunch of new 3D models,updated augmentation graphics effects, toned down and further polished gore effects and a new optional realistic headbobbing effect.

And if that wasn’t enough, GMDX will further improve Artificial Intelligence, mantling, physics, and it will feature an updated User Interface.

We strongly suggest visiting the official website of this mod in order to read more about the changes that will be coming with this upcoming release.