Destiny 2 Will Run 4K at 30FPS on a GTX 970

Destiny 2 just dropped on consoles and PC gamers are going to have to wait a few coming weeks for the full game to be released on PC, but when it does release it is going to be so optimized that even a GTX 970 will be able to get 30FPS at 4K.

Bungie seems to have added everything PC gamers want when it comes to support for all our different trinkets and specifications based off our rigs. Multi-monitor support, Ultrawide, multi-GPU, HDR, unlocked frame rate up to 200FPS, customizable Field of View from 55 to 105 degrees and key mapping.

[4K on a Budget] Destiny 2 vs GTX 970/ GTX 1060: 30fps Is Easy, But What About 60?

What every PC gamer wants is a complete smooth experience, no FPS drops, no screen tearing and a final product that is so optimized that even a mid range PC will be able to handle it. That is exactly what Bungie has done, DigitalFoundary’s latest test with a GTX 970 GPU and a  Pentium G4560 clocked at 3.50GHz, Destiny 2 achieves 30FPS at native 4K.

This test was conducted on the High preset with 16x Anisotropic Filtering and textures on the highest.

These tests are a really good sign that PC gamers will be acquiring a game on release that seems to be (from these tests) fully optimized.

Source: Tweak Town, WCCFtech