Denuvo anti-tamper tech has been removed from HITMAN

IO Interactive has rolled out a new patch for HITMAN that has removed its Denuvo anti-tamper tech. We don’t know whether this removal was done on purpose or by accident. After all, we’ve seen in the past other developers rolling out patches for their games without the Denuvo anti-tamper tech, only to re-implement it later via another patch.

This latest patch for HITMAN also comes with level design, AI and UI improvements in all missions and contracts in the ICA Facility. It’s worth noting that due to these changes, previous game saves in this location will not be valid.

Here are the rest of the changes that have been introduced to HITMAN via its latest update:

  • Global Hints
    We’ve added a new system of global hints that will explain some of the game’s mechanics to new players.
    These can be toggled in the settings menu and are set to ‘On’ by default.
  • The Adrian Eclipse
    We’ve fixed an issue that could cause this contract to be ‘failed’ unfairly. We removed it from the game in March and now it’s back in. Find it under the Paris Destination.
  • Bootflow Options
    We’ve tweaked the bootflow of the game with a new background and shortened the time it takes to get into the game.
  • Suit Only, Hunted
    We’ve fixed an issue that could cause the ‘Hunted’ state to apply to 47’s suit, even if he was wearing a different disguise when compromised.
  • Bareknuckle Boxer
    We’ve fixed an issue that could make it impossible for 47 to poison Novikov’s drink in The Showstopper during the ‘A Drink to Die For’ opportunity.
  • Steam Achievement Localisation
    We’ve updated the localised names and descriptions of the Steam achievements .
  • Menu Tweaks
    We’ve made minor tweaks to the overall menus, especially the Options Menu to ensure consistency when selecting buttons.

We got in touch with IO Interactive in order to find out whether the removal of the Denuvo is permanent or not.