Defender’s Quest is a Tower Defense / RPG hybrid – Demo Released

Level Up Labs announced today their upcoming Tower Defense / RPG hybrid Defender’s Quest for Mac, Windows, and Linux. Defender’s Quest is a unique blend of real-time Tower Defense strategy and tactical RPG meta-game, complete with a colorful cast of characters and fast-paced story-telling. Moreover, the company released its demo – yeah, you read that right. A PC demo… hooray – that can be downloaded from here.
Defender’s Quest features 60+ uniquely designed battle challenges, will be DRM Free, will feature customizable characters and tower-defense style tactical battle system and will give players the ability to export the save file from the demo and continue when full version comes out!
The game will also feature extreme challenges for Hardcore types, skippable / pausable cutscenes, accessibility features for gamers with disabilities, bonus “endless” challenge modes and multiple bullet points!