Deep Silver claims that it released Homefront: The Revolution too early

In an interview with MCV, Deep Silver’s global brand and marketing director, Paul Nicholls, said that the publisher released Homefront: The Revolution too early. According to Nicholls, this was one of the reasons that had a negative impact on the game’s sales.

As Nicholls claimed, Deep Silver learnt a lot from Homefront: The Revolution, both in terms of product quality and launch dates, especially since these days a number of big IPs are struggling to meet their sale goals.

Nicholls stated that Dambuster did a great job patching the game. However – and especially regarding the PC version – the game’s launch state was not as awful as Dishonored 2’s or Batman: Arkham Knight’s.

Nicholls concluded that Deep Silver is getting a lot of “positive feedback compared to when we launched, so timing was probably the biggest lesson we have learnt there.