Deep Black: Reloaded suffers from framerate skips, developers will fix it in the coming days

A lot of PC gamers have been reporting some framerate issues with Biart Studios’ latest underwater third person shooter, Deep Black: Reloaded. To be honest, we didn’t notice any issues at all but that was because Deep Black could not connect to the Internet. When we enabled its launcher to connect, it downloaded a small update for it. Although we don’t have any release notes for that day-1 patch, we know that it introduces the framerate issue that all other PC gamers have been reporting these past days.
The developers have acknowledged those issues and there is a fix coming in the next couple of days. According to Biart’s main programmer, the renderer introduces some frame skips when the overall framerate is above 40s. Hopefully, the fix will be rolled out this weekend (or on Monday).
Thankfully, we were able to almost finish our Performance Analysis before upgrading the game, so stay tuned for it!