Dead Island PC Developer Build released on Steam instead of the Final version

Okay guys, this is a major screw up. Although PC gamers all over the world have been looking forward to the release of Dead Island, it looks like Techland and Deep Silver have made a major mistake with the game’s Steam version. If you had tried the Steam version of Dead Island, you would most probably have encountered a number of bugs and issues. For example, players could no-clip by pressing a certain key. Well, that’s because the version that was released was not the final one but a developer’s build.
Looking at the source code, we can find a lot of interesting things. For example, it’s pretty obvious at the source code that no-clip is enabled for developers:
// implemented:
So that’s why you enter the no-clip mode when you press the “Y” key.
There are all sorts of ‘secret coding lines’ that are currently being unveiled at Steam’s forum, so make sure to check it out. Oh, and let’s hope that Deep Silver will fix this issue as soon as possible.