DayZ standalone version screenshot header

DayZ will get a new engine upgrade in a couple of weeks on the PC

It appears that the standalone version of DayZ will receive a major engine upgrade really soon. As Eugen Harton, lead producer at developers Bohemia, told PCGamesN, the team is currently working on upgrading DayZ’s game engine and will release this new version in a couple of weeks.

“We’re releasing DayZ on a new engine in a couple of weeks on PC, and it’s gonna be coming to Game Preview on Xbox this year. That’s basically our aim. I would almost say it’s a reboot of DayZ on PC.”

Harton did not clarify whether this is still an Early Access version or the full version that Bohemia promised to release in 2018. Still, it appears that the development team will be really committed to it in 2018. After all, Harton claimed that 2018 will be the year of DayZ.

“I still feel like we have not hit our peak. This is the year of DayZ.”