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DayZ Experimental Update 1.08 available for download, overhauls base destruction/raiding system

Bohemia has released a brand new experimental update for DayZ. According to the release notes, patch 1.08 overhauls the game’s destruction/raiding system, brings changes to the fireplaces, and packs a number of bug fixes.

Going into more details, players can now destroy fences and watchtowers by using standard melee attacks, firearms, or explosives. Any non-vital part can receive damage and shows visual damage alongside with an option to repair. In addition to this, all tents are now destructible and repair-able.

Furthermore, Bohemia has made a lot of changes to the fireplaces. For instance, the team has added direct cooking slots. These slots accept both cooking equipment, and individual food, meaning you are no longer dependent on always carrying a piece of cookware with you. Fireplaces have also received lots of balancing changes and bugfixes.

Lastly, this experimental update brings a number of bug fixes and stability improvements. For example, it fixes a game crash related to base building and Server errors related to throwing. It also packs several optimizations when it comes to building collisions and fixes an exploit to look through walls abusing the compass.

Naturally, Steam will download this new patch if you have opted into the beta branches. You can also find its complete changelog here.