Dark Souls Remastered feature

Dark Souls Remastered gets its first HD texture pack, based on an Unreal Engine 4 fan project

Back in March, we informed you about a fan remake of Dark Souls in Unreal Engine 4. Created by Evie Shudder, this fan project recreated the Firelink Shrine from Dark Souls in Unreal Engine 4. And yesterday, Evie released the first texture pack for Dark Souls Remastered that is based on this fan project.

As Evie noted, this is a retexture of majorly noticeable textures in Dark Sous Remastered based off his Firelink Shrine UE4 Remake. Currently, Firelink is 90% complete and the Valley of Drakes is 30% complete.

Those interested can download the current version of Evie’s Ultra HD Dark Souls REMASTERED Retex from here. Evie noted that players can can expect regular updates, though the mod will never include textures for armour or weapons.

Evie has also shared some screenshots from this texture pack that you can find below!